Eagles News · Boys’ Tennis 2018-19 Season Preview

This is the 2018/19  Boys tennis season preview

The eagles are looking forward to improving upon last season. With the loss of only 2 seniors from the 4-17 sectional runner-up team and a class of 3 freshmen the new season brings new expectations to not only win their BC Invite but capturing the WIC title once again.  Last season we learned a lot about our character as a team and now we know that we are ready to make sure that an 8th place finish in the WIC will not be repeated.  This team has continued to let that finish be our motivation in the off-season and that desire has spilled over into our practices.  We have made changes in our routines and attitudes.  When the season starts on Monday this team will be ready.
Senior – Chase Watson has continued to be a leader not only in the classroom, but in practices.  He and junior Aaron McCann will be competing  for the #1 singles spot.  Freshman Josh Miller will be in line for the #3 singles spot.
It looks like sophomores Nolan Patterson, Spencer Blee, Reid Davis, Aiden Burt, Noah Cochran will be platooning for both doubles positions, you can tell that being forced to play a lot last year has improved their games.  Sophomore John Oliver has been hampered with an ankle injury but has continued to work to improve his game.  Freshmen Austen Deckard and Eli Sichting are also working hard on their games.
As a coach it is nice to see that the returning players not satisfied with the way last season went and have been on a mission to make sure it does not repeat itself.  I look forward to watching this team see value of their new attitude and off-season work pay off.
Coach Roush