Eagles News · Results from the Edgewood Invitational

The Eagles went 1-4 at the Edgewood Invitational losing to Edgewood, Southridge, Martinsville, and Ben Davis, but finished their day with a win against Danville. Team results were as follows with individual results posted below.


Duel 1:0-69 Edgewood

Duel 2:9-63 Southridge

Duel 3:30-48 Martinsville

Duel 4:22-57 Ben Davis

Duel 5: 34-33 Danville


Individual records:

David Tucker: 106:2-3

Job Lawson: 120:4-1

Bryce Denton: 126:2-3

Ben Rygiel: 145:0-5

Evan Bullock: 152:3-2

Christian Fouts: 160:0-5

Levi Mullins: 182:2-3

Baylee Mosier: 220:2-3

Heavy Weight: Duncan 2-0 (ffts)